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  Welcome to Worldwide Canine Inc.

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   Worldwide Canine Inc. specializes in the training, utilization and purveyance of a variety of professional working dogs, including BOMB DOGS, DRUG DOGS POLICE PATROL DOGS and DUAL PURPOSE POLICE DOGS

    police and protection dogs

Worldwide Canine maintains a facility and employees in Europe so we do not depend on brokers; we buy direct.  All dogs are prescreened by Worldwide Canine employees in Europe, then hand selected by management.  This enables us to offer you a higher quality dog at a more reasonable price.

We are at the forefront of dog training methodology using innovative techniques to develop stable, confident, productive working dogs for  narcotics and explosives detection, law enforcement and security, and Protection. We retain a variety of trained dogs for immediate placement or can source and train K9s for your specific requirements.   We also have Bomb Detection and Drug Detection K9 Teams ready to serve your Security Contract or Rapid Response Search needs for narcotics or explosives detection in schools, businesses, transit terminals, events, ect.

Police Dog

   Worldwide Canine Inc. is  operated by Commissioned Texas Peace Officers and Certified Trainers / Instructors. We are registered with the Texas Department of Public Safety, State Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the ATF.

   We are constantly updating training techniques, utilizing the finest European consultants. We employ only certified professionals with the knowledge and capability to produce highly-trained working dogs. 

View success stories of some of our Police Dogs currently working in the field  on our Wall of Fame page.  Go to the Dogs For Sale page to view pictures and videos of German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Labrador Retrievers, and other superior K-9s we have in kennel.

   All dogs trained and purveyed by Worldwide Canine are selectively bred, individually tested, imported canines from the best working dog lines in the world. Each dog is maintained in peak condition and comes with a comprehensive health record compiled by a veterinarian which includes X-rays and vaccinations.

Worldwide Canine provides extensive and professional K9 handler training for drug detection, bomb detection, and patrol work.  Go to the K9 Handler Training page to see pictures, video, and outlines of our K-9 Handler Training programs.

   Worldwide Canine Inc. stands ready to meet your personal, business or law enforcement requirements.

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Dual Purpose Police Dogs:
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Drug Dogs | Bomb Dogs | Police Patrol Dogs | Dual Purpose Dogs | Protection Dogs | Dogs For Sale | K9 Handler Training | Contact Information

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