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Police Drug Dog


Police Drug Dog

Narcotics Detector Dogs (drug dogs, dope dogs, narc dogs) trained by Worldwide Canine Inc. are active, energetic working dogs and pace-setters in the detection of illicit narcotics. Our drug dogs are positively reinforced by the presentation of a hard rubber ball, play toy or rolled up towel and enthusiastically pursue detection of illicit material, which becomes a very exciting and positive experience for the K9.

  Narcotics and illicit drugs utilized in detection training of our drug dogs include heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines and derivatives thereof. Worldwide Canine Inc. maintains an extensive range of registered samples and can also cater to any customer's specific request.   We do not use pseudo scents.

 Worldwide Canine Inc. trained Narcotics Detector Dogs are extremely versatile drug dogs possessing the flexibility to adapt to any type of search situation.

Handler training / bonding period, Canine Handler certification and K9 certification are part of the Narcotics Dog Package.

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Narcotics Detector Dogs are trained in the following areas:


  •  All Worldwide Canine, Inc. drug dogs are trained in Fundamental Obedience to a maximum proficiency level. Both on- and off-    leash obedience are taught, and visual (silent) hand commands can be included. Commands include: sit, stay, down, heel and recall. Our drug dogs are commonly trained in English, German, or Czech, but alternative specific languages are also available upon request.

  • Narcotics Detector Drug Dogs trained by Worldwide Canine Inc. will demonstrate the ability to perform during gunfire, loud noises, crowds and a number of routine distractions in any environment.

  • Searches are taught in many environments including the following:

      Buildings: Narcotic detector dogs learn to perform narcotic searches in buildings varying in size and complexity, while working through a number of distractions.
      Vehicles: Drug dogs at Worldwide Canine are taught to search through vehicles of many types, from small cars to large trucks.
      Luggage/Packages: Drug detection dogs receive extensive training searching lockers and detecting trace amounts of narcotics material in parcel and letter type packages of varying size and shape.

    Narcotics Detection / Tracking Dogs.
    Specialized training can be added in Tracking.  Tracking Dogs at Worldwide Canine are trained to track Human Scent in numerous terrains both urban and rural.  Handlers are taught to read the dogs on various terrains and under varying climatic conditions.

    Police Drug Dog


    Dual Purpose Police Dogs
    Dual Purpose Patrol / Narcotics Police Dogs are trained in both Narcotics Detection and Police Patrol work.  This presents a significant up-front cost savings compared to acquiring multiple dogs as well as long term savings of the sustaining costs associated with handling and maintaining a multiple dog Police K9 Unit.  Please see our Dual Purpose Dogs page for more information.

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    All Drug Dogs purchased from Worldwide Canine come with health record, vaccinations, X-rays and a 1 year replacement guarantee against the manifestation of genetic defects.  Please contact us for more details.


    Do you have budget or logistics problems maintaining a permanent kennel?
    Does your school or facility have a possible narcotic / drug problem?
    Maybe you just don't need a full time dog .... ? 

    Worldwide Canine also provides Security Contract Search and Rapid Response K9 Teams specializing in Narcotics and Explosives detection.
    Click on the link below for more information.


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    Why Employ a Police Dog?


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    Narcotics Detection Dog Handler Class

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