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Police Dogs for sale from Worldwide Canine Inc. are of the highest quality, individually selected and specifically trained to accommodate the widely varying requirements of Law Enforcement.  Handler training and bonding period, Canine Certification, and Police K9 Handler Certification are part of the canine package.  Annual Recertification is also available.

Handler Course lengths are set to ensure optimum performance of K-9 teams once they go on duty. During the length of the course, handlers work with multiple dogs; participate in offsite searches in actual schools, halfway houses, trailers, ect; participate in veterinary consultations; and work on many other hands-on tasks to gain knowledge from real world experience.  Handlers also engage in classroom and hands-on instruction in proper maintenance of K9 performance and health, as well as procedures and record keeping.



  • All Worldwide Canine Inc. dogs are trained in Fundamental Obedience to a maximum proficiency level. Both on- and off-  leash obedience are taught including sit, stay, down, heel, and recall.   Handlers work obedience with their dog during the training period to establish bonding, proficiency, and control.

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  • It is an essential element of the Police Dog's training  to respond to overcoming the physical & mental challenges of the obstacle course, simulating real life emergency situations the animal may be required to encounter.  Handlers work with their dogs in a variety of settings to ensure confident performance in any situation.

    police dog and handler training



  • The False Run is used to demonstrate total control: A trained Police Patrol Dog may be presented with a series of threatening or aggressive movements by an agitator and it is important that restraint is exercised unless called upon to react.
    A demonstration will show the agitator run at the dog: even though the dog will be highly excited, recognizing a perceived threat, it will not react until commanded to do so. The dog will stay beside the handler even if the agitator runs away.

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  • Attack is the term used to indicate the response the Police Patrol Dog exhibits without hesitation when commanded (or from a direct threat)  towards an assailant. The dog will continue to attack until commanded to terminate his reaction or until the assailant gives up. The Police Patrol Dog is trained to stay with the assailant allowing the officer to get assistance.  Police K9 Handlers work with professional decoys on real life scenarios in a variety of settings.

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  • Police Patrol Dogs are trained to guard an intruder while being searched for weapons or contraband. The dog will react should there be any indication of aggression towards the owner, or attempt to escape. The dog can be left with the assailant until help arrives.  Handlers work with their K9s and trainers in felony search scenarios.

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  • Police Dogs are trained in tracking and search in a multitude of disciplines, such as personnel search or article search in building,  open-area or vehicle. Specialized training can be added for search of specific
    EXPLOSIVES DETECTION or NARCOTICS DETECTION.  (See Dual Purpose Dogs for more information on Patrol / Detection Dogs.)  Handlers train with their detection dogs in a variety of settings including building, vehicle, trailers, and open areas.  

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  • Police Patrol Dogs trained by Worldwide Canine will demonstrate the ability to perform during gunfire, loud noises and a number of routine distractions in any environment.   Handlers train with their dogs in distraction settings.

    Police Dog Training


    K9 Teams train for various real life scenarios to develop proficiency and control in situations where the team may be called upon to react.


    See our K9 Handler Training Video


    K9 handlers train with numerous dogs during the Handler training course and leave with the dog they work best with.  This ensures a strong and proficient team in the field.


    Handler Training Course lengths:
    1 week Patrol
    2 weeks Narcotic Detection
    3 weeks Narcotic Detection/Tracking
    3 weeks Explosive Detection
    3 weeks Dual Purpose

    Attending officers are invited to stay in our
    Dorm Facility
    during the training period at no extra cost.


            See Class Schedule

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    K9 Teams train for various real life scenarios to develop proficiency and control in situations where the team may be called upon to react.

    police dog training




    police dog handler bite training

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    police dog handler training

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    Detection Dog Training
    Narcotics Detection Dog Training


    Dual Purpose Police Dog
    Handler Training

    Police dog dual purpose


    Narcotics / Tracking Dog Narcotics Detection Tracking Dog









    Narcotics / Tracking Police Dog



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    police dog handler class

    police dog handler training class

    K9 handler training class

    November Certification and recertification



    Contact WORLDWIDE CANINE by phone at 830-885-5948  or by Email at info@worldwidecanine.com

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