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Police Patrol Dogs for sale from Worldwide Canine Inc. are of the highest quality, individually selected and specifically trained to accommodate the widely varying requirements of Law Enforcement.  Police Dog Handler training/bonding period, Canine Certification, and Police K9 Handler Certification are part of the Police Canine package.  Go To K9 Handler Training for pictures, video, and more information on our handler training course.

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Police Patrol Dogs are trained in the following areas:


  • All Worldwide Canine Inc. police dogs are trained in Fundamental Obedience to a maximum proficiency level. Both on- and off-  leash obedience commands are taught. They are sit, stay, down, heel and recall.

  • It is an essential element of the Police Patrol Dog's training  to respond to overcoming the physical & mental challenges of the obstacle courses, simulating real life emergency situations the canine may be required to encounter.  Police Patrol and Dual Purpose Dogs are trained in a variety of settings to ensure confident performance in any situation.

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  • The False Run is used to demonstrate total control: A trained Police Patrol Dog may be presented with a series of threatening or aggressive movements by an agitator and it is important that restraint is exercised unless called upon to react.
    A demonstration will show the agitator run at the K9: even though the dog will be highly excited, recognizing a perceived threat, it will not react until commanded to do so. The police dog will stay beside the handler even if the agitator runs away.
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  • Attack is the term used to indicate the response the Police Patrol Dog exhibits without hesitation when commanded (or from a direct threat)  towards an assailant. The K9 will continue to attack until commanded to terminate his reaction or until the assailant gives up. The Police Patrol Dog is trained to stay with the assailant allowing the officer to get assistance.
    NOTE: The police dog is trained to react without command in an unfavorable situation should the officer be disabled or otherwise unable to provide commands.

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  • Police Patrol Dogs trained by Worldwide Canine Inc. are finely tuned to the point they can react against a suspect, then terminate the reaction on command at any point, should the aggressor yield, thus avoiding unnecessary injury. Unlike a bullet, you can recall the K9 after the attack is initiated.

  • Police Patrol Dogs are trained to guard an intruder being searched for weapons or contraband. The dog will react should there be any indication of aggression towards the handler or attempt to escape. The K9 can be left with the assailant until help arrives.


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  • Police Patrol Dogs are trained in search in a multitude of disciplines, such as personnel search or article search in building,  open-area or vehicle. Specialized training can also be added for search of specific EXPLOSIVES DETECTION or NARCOTICS DETECTION.  See Dual Purpose Police Dogs for more information.

  • Police Patrol Dogs at Worldwide Canine are trained to track human scent in numerous terrains both urban and rural.  Handlers are taught to read the dogs on various terrains and under varying climatic conditions.


  • Police Patrol Dogs trained by Worldwide Canine will demonstrate the ability to perform during gunfire, loud noises, and a number of routine distractions in any environment.

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All Police Dogs purchased from Worldwide Canine come with health record, vaccinations, X-rays and a 1 year replacement guarantee against the manifestation of genetic defects.


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