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Personal Protection Dogs are trained for one specific function - to protect you, your family and property. Contrary to common misconceptions, they also offer companionship as a trusted friend. Unlike the commonly perceived "guard dogs" or "sentry dogs" - which are trained to aggress on any perceived invasion of their domain without command - Personal Protection Dogs are trained to react only when commanded to by their owner. However it should be understood that these dogs will react without command when the owner is threatened, or disabled and unable to command the dog. In essence, these are "command" dogs, trained to respond to difficult situations, yet are compatible with the enjoyment of life at all other times.

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PERSONAL PROTECTION DOGS are trained in the following areas:


  • All Worldwide Canine Inc. Protection Dogs are trained in Fundamental Obedience to a maximum proficiency level. Both on- and off-    leash obedience are taught. Commands include: sit, stay, down, heel and recall. Our dogs are commonly trained in English, German, or Czech, but alternative specific languages are also available upon request: This dog will be ultimately YOUR friend and protector and we endeavor to have him / her be part of your accustomed environment.


  •  A trained Personal Protection Dog may be presented with a series of threatening or aggressive movements by an agitator and it is important that restraint is exercised unless called upon to react.
    A demonstration will show the agitator run at the dog: even though the dog will be highly excited, recognizing a perceived threat, it will not react until commanded to do so. The dog will stay beside the handler even if the agitator runs away.


  • Attack is the term used to indicate the response the Personal Protection Dog exhibits without hesitation when commanded (or from a direct threat)  towards an assailant. The dog will continue to attack until commanded to terminate his reaction or until the assailant gives up. The Personal Protection Dog is trained to stay with the assailant allowing the owner to get assistance.
    NOTE: The Personal Protection Dog is trained to react without command should the owner be disabled or unable to provide commands, in an unfavorable situation.

  • Personal Protection Dogs trained by Worldwide Canine Inc. are finely tuned to the point they can react against an intruder, then terminate the reaction on command at any point, should the aggressor yield, thus avoiding unnecessary injury. Unlike a bullet, you can recall the dog before the attack is initiated.

  • Personal Protection dogs are trained to stay and watch an intruder and then react should there be any indication of aggression toward the owner, or attempt to escape.   The dog will guard the assailant until help arrives.

  • Protection Dogs trained by Worldwide Canine Inc. will demonstrate the ability to perform during loud noises and a number of routine distractions in any environment.



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     ANITA at Worldwide                  ANITA training video

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    ANITA at Home in Las Vegas

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    "...on little MS. Anita. She is doing great...
    She is doing her job here for sure and has now decided she doesn't want anyone near me when we are out.
    She is so awesome, I cant tell you how thankful I am to you for this match."


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