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"FILLMORE" Philip Morris Canine Unit

Cook County Partners with Philip Morris’s Canine Unit
to Combat Illicit Cigarette Trafficking



"REX"  Houma PD

K9 Rex and I are on the Worldwide Canine Wall of Fame for some narcotics finds, but I wanted to share some of his other talents.

Rex is a very important part of the Houma Police Department's effort in educating the youth of our parish and city about the effect that narcotics have on young people. Rex and I have visited just about every school within our jurisdiction, elementary schools, middle schools, and High schools. Rex's temperament and attitude is perfect for these school talks and demos that we do.


Rex and I visited a local middle school and met a special young man named Colby, who is confined to a wheel chair, Colby tells me he remembered us from his previous school from the previous school year and remembered Rex's command to sit, he asked if he could tell him to sit, he belted out the command "Sitz" and to my surprise Rex sat right next to him.


But when it's time to work he's a BEAST!
I would like to thank Worldwide Canine for providing us with an awesome K9 who has become a very important part of our department.






"OZZY" Terrebonne Parish

1 1/4 pounds of marijuana, street value- $2200
14 grams of meth, street value- $2800
$1020 in U.S. Currency
Total in seizures- $ 6020, NOT A BAD FIRST WEEK.
Thanks for a wonderful Partner !
Sgt. Jeff Lirette
Terrebonne Parish Narcotics Task Force





"MIKO"  Nacogdoches County Pct 4


Police Dog Narcotics Detection

Andrew Rogers
The Daily Sentinel


Deputy Rusty Allen and his 3-year-old black Lab named Miko work on a training exercise to keep up their skill in finding drugs, as well as bond with each other, Thursday afternoon at the Nacogdoches County sheriff's office. Miko can sniff out marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin.



Constable's office gets a four-legged tool in the battle against illegal drugs

Sentinel Staff

Man's best friend is also a drug dealer's worst enemy.

The Nacogdoches County Precinct 4 constable's office has new additions to its team — Deputy Rusty Allen and his canine counterpart, a 3-year-old black Lab named Miko.

Allen and Miko joined Constable Jason Bridges' office a few months ago, and they have already made their presence known assisting in a recent methamphetamine bust.

Bridges had received a tip that drugs were headed to a residence in a FedEx package, which was identified with the help of Miko, the drug dog.

"The narcotics were taped up, placed in assorted electrical components and put into the package," Bridges said. "The box was then wrapped in numerous layers of tape in an attempt to mask the odor.

"Miko alerted to the odor coming from the package, and after obtaining a search warrant, several ounces of methamphetamine were found inside."

Miko can identify marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin and has assisted several agencies in the past.

Miko and Allen have been working together for a year, just enough time to really start to get into a groove together.

"Anyone who has been a canine handler will tell you — you can't read your dog for about a year," Allen said. "Jason's been a handler before, so it helps to be able to ask him (for advice). He's fond of canines, and he's had one in the past, so he knows they are a great tool to have."

Learning to work with a drug dog takes time, Allen said, and requires specialized training.

"I went to school at Worldwide Canine in Spring Branch and went through a pretty extensive program," Allen said. "The program was to train me: Miko was already trained. It was how the dog and I were first acquainted."

Before Allen joined the Constable's office, he worked for the Angelina County Sheriff's office.

"I told Jason to let me know if he had an opening, and last summer he called me," Allen said. "It's a big relief for me, because I live in Nacogdoches so now, I'm able to work at home, and it's also just an honor to work for Jason."

Miko and Allen work and train together daily, an important practice for not only keeping their skills sharp but, also for bonding together.

"He's a really friendly dog; all he wants to do is play," Allen said as he was pulled around several feet by Miko tugging on a chew toy attached to a rope. "This is his reward, and he gets to play with it. It also lets him know that 'dad' is proud of him."

"Miko will be a valuable asset for us to continue in our efforts to reduce narcotics in our precinct," Bridges said. "We are excited to have both Miko and Rusty join us. They are welcome additions to our department."

"I'm really just getting started here and coming in on the ground floor," Allen said. "But I have high expectations for us and for the whole department."




"BANNY"  Potter County

from: amarillo.com
by: Staff writer David Pittman

Sheriff's office adds its first dog

Potter County sheriff's deputies welcomed a new member to the force Monday.

Banny, a 14-month-old male Weimaraner, started at the sheriff's office as a narcotics and tracking dog.

It's the first time Potter County has had a dog. The county previously relied on Randall County, Amarillo Police Department, the Department of Public Safety and others for drug dogs when needed.

Chief Deputy Roger Short said deputies often need a drug dog for vehicle searches and must request assistance from other agencies.

"Amarillo is a central hub for a huge multistate area, and a lot of drugs come through here," he said.

The cost of the dog, including training, was $7,500, which was paid for with drug forfeiture money.

Banny was purchased from Spring, Texas, and trained by Worldwide Canine.


from: connectamarillo.com
by: Meredith Keller

drug dog Banny

Potter County Sheriff's New Addition

AMARILLO, TEXAS -- Today, the Potter County Sheriffs Department let ProNews 7 meet it's newest member, Banny, a two year old Weimaraner drug dog.

Banny specializes in finding narcotics and is the department's first drug dog.

Officials said they've seen an increase in drug busts along I40, and Banny was a welcome new addition to the team, but while Banny has been training his whole life to be a narcotics dog, he also has a few more tricks.

His owner and partner, Deputy Wallace Jones said, "in the situation that we have in our sheriffs department we can use him if we ever have escapes, he can track inmates, Alzheimer patients, children things like that."







"KIMBO"  Wichita County SO

Wichita Falls, TX

New Wichita Co. K-9 reports for duty
Seized drug money helps pay for dog

By Jessica Langdon
Posted October 1, 2009

Photo by: Torin Halsey / Wichita Falls Times Record News

Police Dog KIMBOLike any dog, Kimbo relies a lot on his nose.

Kimbo, a 13-month-old Belgian Malinois, will sniff out drugs. He will help during searches for people and take on other duties as the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office’s new K-9 officer.

“He knows his odors. He knows what he’s supposed to do,” his handler, Deputy Josh Brown, said. Brown said his mission is to make the dog streetwise, getting him used to the sights and sounds.

The duo returned Saturday from a two-week basic handler’s course, and Kimbo has started work.

Brown came to Wichita County from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office in January, bringing his K-9 partner Clif with him. Clif’s death during a dental procedure in May came as a shock and left the office without a K-9 resource.

Thursday, Brown and Sheriff David Duke introduced Kimbo to a crowd. This dog is a tool in the fight against drugs, Duke said.

The Sheriff’s Office had help from several people to pay $10,500 to add Kimbo to the force.

District Attorney Barry Macha has been instrumental in the development of the K-9 program, Duke said. The office contributed $2,000 in seizure funds toward a replacement, on top of funding equipment.

“It’s pretty amazing when the drug dealers in town are the ones buying us a new drug dog,” Assistant District Attorney Tony Fidelie said.

Duke pointed to a partnership among the DA Office’s Drug Enforcement Division, deputies and the WCSO’s K-9 program. He said he hopes to add a second dog soon.

more on Kimbo...



"ASTOR"  Itasca PD

Dual Purpose Police Dog  ASTOR

It seems that me and Astor spend more time with other agencies hunting down people than we do working our own beat. Astor has logged assists with 7 different agencies most of which have their own K-9 but want what our team brings to the table. Its hard to believe we have only been on the streets since May!  I really am glad we chose you guys. I now have a great partner and buddy thanks to all of y'all's hard work and commitment to your customers.     8/09




"BUDDY"  Broken Bow PD

Officer Dalen Wood is shown below with the department's new dual-purpose K-9, Buddy.

Dual Purpose Police Dog BUDDY

New K-9, Buddy, now on duty!
Broken Bow Police Dept., www.brokenbowpolice.com

There's a new face on the squad at the Broken Bow Police Department.

     It's Buddy, a Dutch shepherd K-9, who arrived June 20 and got called to duty the very next day, according to K-9 Officer Dalen Wood.

     "He was deployed to bring an aggressive prisoner out of the back of a patrol car, and it worked," Wood said.

     The 16-month-old black and brindle canine was imported from Czechoslovakia and takes his commands in Czech, Wood said. Broken Bow Police Department purchased Buddy from Worldwide Canine, Inc., in Spring Branch, Texas, thanks to grants from the Custer County Foundation and the Custer County Drug Board...

     In a letter of thanks to the Foundation and the Drug Board, Wood said, "Your donation of a police service dog will greatly impact this wonderful county in ways that most people will not even see. By having this formidable tool I personally hope that those that try to detour our peaceful and respectful way of life will think twice."

     Wood spent three weeks in Spring Branch, Texas, where he and Buddy trained together before the new dog was put into service. During the training, Wood and Buddy did drug searches in jails, halfway houses and dorms, where Buddy did find drugs.

     The new K-9 is a dual-purpose dog who can search for the odor of narcotics, search and track humans and bite on command. He can sniff out the odor of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and some other drugs as well.

     He tracks humans through ground displacement, Wood explained, sniffing to detect where someone steps, which doesn't smell the same as the ground around it. He can sniff across dirt, concrete, sand or water...





police drug dog

"NINA"  Montgomery County Pct. 1


Hey Rob, 

Just want to tell you that Nina took first place in the narcotic building search at the Texas Police Games that was held in Conroe this year. There were 13 other dog teams she was going against. She's been a awesome dog for me..... Thanks!!!!! 

Deputy Serratt
Montgomery County Pct.1 Constable's Office



Texas Police Games 2009 Results at texaspolicegames.org





police dog ASTOR

"ASTOR"  Itasca PD

 (May 09)   U.S. Marshall requested a bite dog to assist in the capture/arrest of Arbutina Darko a Croatian Special Forces soldier that was wanted on aggravated assault warrant. Marshalls wanted the dog due to the level of danger in the capture - subject had several weapons included a high-powered rifle and said that he would kill police if they attempted to arrest him. Marshalls tracked Darko to a dirt road behind Hillsboro High School and set up a perimeter until K9 Unit (Ted Walton & Astor) arrived. H.P.D., trooper and H.C.S.O. stormed the truck with K9 unit and Marshall. When subject was taken into custody he had position on a pistol along with other weapons. He was taken in with the assistance of Astor (Itasca's K9).                       Astor's Busts                   





police dog AVANT "AVANT"  Spring Branch ISD PD









police drug dog

"NANDO"  Cushing PD

"I wanted to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication to making each of us better handlers.  I know that I took a lot from the class and know that I am a better officer for attending.  With the information and training provided, I have the utmost confidence in both myself and Nando's ability to meet each challenge head on." 
...Sgt. Folden

See NANDO'S BUST on the Wall of Fame

From The Cushing Citizen

Dog Days
Cushing once again has canine police officer on patrol
by Jim Perry, Managing Editor

Cushing Police Department has four new feet to pound the pavement. But only one new officer.
Nando, a German shepherd, has filled a void on the CPD, Chief Terry Brannon announced. Nando joined the police rank and file after spending two weeks in training with CPD Sgt. Tully Folden.

"We hit it off right from the start," Folden said of the man-dog relationship borne on the grounds of Worldwide Canine Inc., a 15-acre canine training facility outside Spring Branch, Texas, about 30 miles north of San Antonio. "He is very handler-protective."
Folden and Nando are now a team for the CPD and will help the department battle illegal drug activity, Brannon said.
"Nando is a welcome addition to the department," Brannon said. "I am very appreciative of the efforts of the city council and City Manager Steve Spears. Without their support, Nando would not have become a reality for the police department and community.
"I am very appreciative of their support of our efforts to suppress illegal drug activity in Cushing."

Cushing has gone about 18 months, Folden said, without a "drug dog" on its force. The department's most recent canine officer, "P.D.," was retired after losing his right front leg to cancer and slowing to a non-workable pace, Folden said.
"He's 13 and, without the leg, has slowed a lot," Folden said. "We retired him and the give and take of getting a replacement caused the delay."
Both P.D. and Nando live with the Folden family.

Nando, Folden said, is a no-nonsense police officer.
"He has a fun side with me," Folden said, "but with pretty much everybody else, he is all business. He has a high drive.
"My wife can pet him but he keeps a close eye on just about everybody."
Many breeds - shepherds, Labradors, golden retrievers, Belgian malinois, giant schnauzers - are used as police and protection dogs, Folden said. He prefers shepherds, he said, because of their ability and desire to be good police officers.
Nando is 20 months old and proved himself worthy, Folden said, during on-the-job training exercises in Texas.
"We ran all the cells in the Guadalupe County jail," Folden said. "We ran all the apartments in a couple of half-way houses in Austin and the returning students in the Gary Job Corps School.
"He did very well."

The two-week stint in Texas included training for both Nando and Folden. Part of the training included learning vocal commands given in Czechoslovakian, Folden said.
"I basically went through the handlers' course with him," Folden said. "I learned canine first aid and he and I worked together on tracking and narcotics detection.
"I think he is a great addition for the city of Cushing."
And a tax-free one, Brannon said.
He was purchased with monies seized during drug busts. "The work of past and present members of the police department has helped make this newest K-9 partner possible."



"BAK"  Brazos County

an article from:

<-- Click to see entire article

Police officers often share a special camaraderie with other members of the force, but for several Brazos Valley officers, their partners are a part of the family.
The Bryan and College Station police departments and Brazos County Sheriff's Office say their police dogs play an important, highly specialized role serving the public...

Bak is one of the newest additions to the Brazos County Sheriff's Department, having served for only six months. The 41/2-year-old Czech Republic German shepherd is trained to find drugs and track people.

And he only responds to commands in Czech, said his handler, deputy Mike Welch -- unless the command is "no," which Welch said his wife taught him.

"Most of their time was used training me," Welch said, laughing about having to learn the commands in Czech at Worldwide Canine in Spring Branch where Bak was raised.

Welch trains Bak in a variety of settings, and the dog's main talent is finding drugs, he said.

"Whenever Bak is at a scene and finds drugs, he will paw at the substance and look at me. He knows where his ball comes from," Welch said about the dog's reward for finding drugs.

... Bak was purchased after the department had to put down its last dog, Max, last year after the 15-year-old dog developed cancer.  "I tell you what, when we had to put Max down, I did not want to get another dog.  It's rough," said Welch, who was also Max's partner.

Welch's patrol car has an aluminum-incased cage behind the front seat that is wired with an alarm. If anything in the car were to fail, the windows would automatically roll down and fans would come on to keep the dog cool.

The Department of Public Safety, and the Bryan and College Station police departments have all used Bak's talents, Welch said, adding that the dog has found drugs every time DPS troopers call for him, Welch said.

Welch said Bak undoubtedly works to the advantage of the sheriff's department.

"I think any department could benefit from at least one dog, no matter how large or how small," he said.



"ALIS"  Crusader Resources

Picture:  Don Healy, Leader-Post
  " Russ Rathy follows the lead of his narcotic detection dog Alis Vicona..."

Article:  Tim Switzer, Leader-Post
  "...Alis Vicona isn't your everyday pure-bred German Shepherd, she's a narcotic detection dog and the key to the Rathys' struggling business, Crusader Resources...
...Rathy moved to Texas to train with Robin Hawkins, a world-renowned dog trainer, at Worldwide Canine. There, he hooked up with Alis, an export of Europe where her grandfather was one of the highest ranking police dogs in German law enforcement history.
..."She is above and beyond, I think, anything that we provide in Canada here now. She is bred and born just for this," said Rathy."...

                 More on Alis and Crusader Resources



"NIK"  Winnfield PD

From Handler and Partner C. Vines:

"I would not take a million dollars for Nik."
"The K9 probably saved my life on this.  Nick never backed off no matter how much the suspect fought.  He never let suspect get between me and him.  He was not hurt but he tore the suspect's *&#  up."
"We have made a lot of drug arrests with Nik."

From a Winnfield newspaper article:

K-9 Officer and Partner Nik Make Drug Arrest

 A routine traffic stop by a Winnfield police officer netted a find of illegal drugs on February 11 and arrested two on drug charges... 
Police officer Craig Vines, who is also the k-9 Officer of the WPD, stopped a car ... after observing the vehicle run a red light.  During the initial investigative stop, Officer Vines detected a strong odor of marijuana.  When the driver consented to a search of the vehicle, Officer Vines enlisted the aid of his K-9 partner Nik in determining whether there was indeed drugs present in the vehicle. 
After Nik alerted, Officer Vines searched the entire vehicle and found several bags of marijuana packaged for sale.  He arrested the driver... on charges of possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and disobeying a red light.  The passenger.. was charged with possession... 
Chief Phelps commended his officer and the dog and said the addition of the K-9 to this department is a great tool in the war against drugs. 
"Nik is a dual-purpose dog," said the public relations officer.  "He is trained to attack to save an officer's life as well as to detect drugs."


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