Intelliscent dogs are highly trained explosive detection dogs that can detect person borne explosives. Their olfactory sense has been tested and proven many times over. Intelliscent dogs are taught to scan the air for explosive odors as a person moves through a large crowd by detecting the odor cone emanating from a moving object or person.

The dogs then pursue that odor alerting the handler who can then facilitate a security member to take appropriate action. Intelliscent dogs undergo a thorough selection process and an extremely extensive training regimen.

They must be emotionally environmentally and physically sound. No aggression towards people food or other animals. This ensures their reliability to perform under all kinds of scenarios and circumstances They are unlike normal explosive dogs in the sense that they are independently searching without the direction of the handler.

This type of dog is extremely effective at large venues. Arenas, Train and bus stations, Parades, Sporting Events, Convention Centers, Malls, Universities, Concerts, Government Buildings and Airports to name a few. Their ability enables a higher level of safety and security and a feeling of contentment for all.

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